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4 years ago I visited Beijing No.2 Experimental Primary School, China. During that time we saw their 100 piece choir perform 3 part harmonies in perfection. It was then that I had the idea to start my own Chinese Choir.

We now have performed in the centre of Birmingham for Chinese New Year and Mid Autumn Festival for the past couple of years. Last Christmas we prepared and performed Disney’s Frozen Let it Go, with lighting, costumes we created, a rising snow castle set, snowflake stage make-up, confetti wind machine and a wonderful choir.

We were requested in July to perform at Queen Mary’s Grammar School Confucius Classroom launch celebrations.

We have a red polo shirt uniform with Robin Hood Confucius Classroom and logo embroidered on. This Summer we have also purchased qi pao, Chinese dresses and Chinese suits for the boys.

This week we had a visit from our link school Beijing No.2 Experimental Primary School. Six teachers including the new Principal, Mrs Lu. Also Paris, a teacher from Beijing No.2 who is living in Liverpool for a year to improve her English.

After a brief tour around the school and then our Chinese Choir performed for them with Year 2 as an audience.

I played the video of their choir singing ‘Gan en de Xin’ and the we sang it to them. What happened was really special. Our visiting teachers from Beijing knew all the words and actions and sang alot (really loudly) and we all got emotional. With the power of music, our international link had a connection that was difficult to put into words. After the performance of 5 songs, our visitors and friends cheered and whooped and stood up and clapped. 感恩的心 Gǎn ēn de xīn means “Grateful Heart” and it was with a grateful heart that I had the opportunity to take part and share in such a magical moment.

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  • Amanda Lee

    Dear Mrs Mandarin and children, I remember when you first started your Mandarin journey. You have achieved more in 4 years with your inspiration, vision, enthusiasm and talent than many teachers in a whole career. Your school community must be so, so proud of this – and what a wonderful memory for all your pupils to take forward into their futures. CONGRATULATIONS !